Settlement Delay Notification 結算延遲通知

Dear partners and merchants:


Please note that banks in Mainland China will suspend settlement from Dec 30, 2018 to Jan 1, 2019 due to New Year’s Day. Transactions that take place during this period will be cleared on Jan 2, 2019.

Besides, during the Christmas period, our company will normally process settlement of transactions, but the specific arrival time may be delayed due to holidays in regions involved in overseas settlement network.
另外,聖誕節期間的交易我司將正常發起結算,但是具體到賬時間可能因為境外清算網絡所涉地區的放假而延遲。 Thank you for your understanding. 請各位合作夥伴和商戶知悉,謝謝!

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December 20, 2018